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Author of 'The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories', social media enthusiast, writer, content developer and marketing and communications personnel.


What's more

I am an active blogger and amateur photographer in personal life and one can find my write-ups and photographs in my blog (https://debashribanerjee.wordpress.com/). My areas of interest in writing include marketing, lifestyle subjects like technology, social cause, travel, food, entertainment, fashion, culture, history, language and people. I also provide freelance content consultancy and content delivery to various companies mostly startups and help them build powerful web presence. My experiences in freelance content writing projects include Clapway.com (New York based), Creative Thinkers, Opiyn Review App and Jeet Chakker.

For you at service

 I have been writing since the age of 16. I observe everything around me and write that amuses me.

I hold approximately seven years of work experience in content strategy, development, and management. My specialization includes keyword rich and research based blogs, articles, press releases, website content, internal & external newsletter, case studies, social media content, whitepapers, PPT, audio/video content etc. In a tenure of 6+ years, I have contributed content writing work in domains like corporate communication, SEO, B2B and digital marketing.


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I love writing, imagining, observing and clicking. I love weaving my observations into stories. In case, you have something on your mind and you want to pen it down, contact me. I am available for any kind of content writing work majorly for features. Reach me at debashribanerjee@gmail.com and I shall get back to you with my feedback.