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Online shopping – tips and tricks

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Since the emergence of ecommerce, several people have become online shopping enthusiasts. From ordering apparel to bananas, you name it and you get it. As per a study done during March, 2016, online shopping was expected to increase by 78% in the Indian market. 2015 saw around 55 million shoppers and we are yet to see the current facts on 2016 online consumers.

What makes internet an ideal platform for shopping? Certainly, it is less time consuming and doesn’t ask you to slog in the market either. Several varieties and abundant deals make e-commerce a hit among ‘a-time-bound’ generation. Still, there is a small ratio of people that doesn’t prefer doing the purchases over internet. Why?

Upon inquiring a friend Yamini Gupta, a professional with an internet company, she shares, “It is ironical but I still prefer going physically to the shops, feeling the products and buying in front of me. I am quite particular about clothing, if nothing else. That doesn’t happen online. Well, deals, I still get them anyway anywhere. It is the confidence that goes berserk when I decide to spend a good amount on things online – what if the quality is not up to the mark, hence I cancel my aim.”

It is just not one person worried about online shopping but several like her. I am going to share certain tips to keep in mind before you decide to buy products.

  1. Start with buying something trivial – If you are a first time buyer and a little skeptical then buy something that is worth a small denomination. Do not try to buy something too expensive, until you are sure.
  2. Only genuine and popular sites – There is no dearth of sites that are popular among people such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. These sites work extensively hard on customer contentment and do optimum customer service in case of any grievance.
  3. Check reviews – Whenever you are planning to buy something online, check with the reviews that are available below any product. These are put by customers who have already bought it. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues and similar are run on grounds of third party vendors so these sites work as mediums. As a result, you may find remarks on every product below which shall build up your confidence and help you decide. As long as sites like Jabong, Myntra, Yepme, etc. are concerned, just copy the product name from the sites and paste it on Google and you may be navigated to the actual vendors or places where you may check reviews and prices.
  4. Check with customer care, address, prices etc. – Before you make a purchase, always check the authenticity of customer care numbers, addresses and related information. If you see a foreign location as an address, avoid. Also, check the prices of the product on search engines. Pick the keywords and check the similar products on other sites and verify if the prices are correct.
  5. Keep a track on social media – Check the presence of various shopping sites on social media and their general standing. Well known online stores are very proactive on Facebook, and Twitter and as a matter of fact, they respond spontaneously. This will help you meet with your concern if any. Also, these social media inclined stores have customer friendly policies that make shopping an easy task.
  6. Word of mouth – Whenever you plan to buy something, speak to those friends of yours who are frequent buyers. Try to make brief surveys and understand who feels what. Experience differ from one person to another and a lot of people are not good at buying both physical and online. Take your own call.
  7. Prefer brands – When I say brands, I say affordable ones. For clothes, go for brands like Aurelia, Abof, Sangria, Shree, Jabong, Myntra, Indian Ink, Ajio etc. For jewelry, go for Tjori, Ozanoo, Mirraw etc. For books and day to day products, go for Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. You may find things of your choice within a certain bracket you like.
  8. Check the delivery time, return policies and courier service – Go for online stores that take less time in delivery, and also check the courier service that the store is using. Always check the policies of the online store you are buying from. Never ever save your debit and credit information at the sites. This will help you do successful purchases.
  9.  Make purchases mostly on COD – If you are looking forward to safe purchase, go for ‘Cash on Delivery’. This way, you are paying only when the product arrives. You may get a chance to see the product and refuse if you do not like. Otherwise, you can return it later.
  10. Do not buy from everywhere – Do not get swayed by the models wearing beautiful apparels. Not everybody is genuine. Never ever buy from ‘every site’. Make a research and check reviews of the sites before you do a purchase.


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