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The art of sketching – Ramya Sriram

My friend was getting married and considering that it was a ‘one’time’ event in life, she wanted to make it big. Starting from apparels to the venue, everything was at full swing. What went amiss was the invitation card. Everybody knew, there was nothing too great to be done in this regard. A geometrical Ganpati on one corner, credentials on another, RSVP somewhere near the bottom and food information right in the middle. Who bothers about the arrival time of the groom anyway?

But then, my friend wasn’t getting married again? No one wishes until something goes absolutely berserk within the stars. It is so integral to give space to every little thing associated with a wedding. Colors and design alone do not matter with regards to an invitation card but innovation does.

What attempts have you made to make your wedding card look unique? With the passing time, people
are experimenting with wedding cards. From themes to content, you may come across a lot and get spoilt for choices. In the middle of this fair of card types, Ramya Sriram an illustrator comes with remarkable ingenuity – The Tap. She is widely known in the market for her comics and unique invitation creatives. She specializes in stick figure art that is phenomenal as a lot of illustrators do not experiment with stick figure art.

Coming to one of her offerings and the most striking ones – the wedding invitation cards, she has so well optimized her art. She compiles humor, creativity, content and simplicity into pictures. All the information is usually placed strategically so that the readers find it appealing, meaningful and engaging.

Some unique facts associated with Ramya’s wedding illustrations include:

  1. Less colors
  2. Simple designs and illustrations
  3. Humor
  4. Less and meaningful content
  5. Compact

Apart from wedding cards, Ramya vastly deals in comics, caricatures, wander tales and much more. If you are looking for something that should remain as a memory in your guests’ mind or you want something that would simply add a zing to the wedding glories, get an invite created by Ramya Sriram today.


Pic courtesy – Ramya Sriram

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