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The secret – What you attract becomes ‘you’

The other day when a colleague did not receive a good appraisal, I knew what was the topic going to be at the lunch table. As expected, a healthy debate with other colleagues went on and resultantly, it did not suffice the respective person. It required more discussion. So, there we were having a separate tête-à-tête at the coffee vending machine.

A tedious tail of discussions did not help the colleague. She wanted to know what went wrong even after working really hard. I asked, “Did you ask for the same escalation in your remuneration?”

“No, I wanted a little more.” Answered my colleague

“How much, 5%, 12% or less?” I inquired.

“I am not sure. I just wanted a little more.” She said.

“You have to be sure.” I recommended.

I explained her the law of attraction. One cannot be unsure or aimless. You have to define what you want – everything. For instance, you want a watch. Just desiring for it will not get you a watch. You should be aware exactly what kind of watch you want – color, price, brand, design etc.

Welcome to the world of attraction. That’s what ‘the secret’ says.

Authored by Rhonda Byrne. She has penned down the law of attraction in the simplest form. The book and the film both have been a remarkable contribution to the entire breed of human beings.

The book has thoughts and opinions by several acclaimed writers, philosophers and dignitaries from around the world. Each individual explains the theory of attraction in the subtlest manner. It tells us how we attract negativity without even realizing it and how positive things are important to be prosperous in life.

We face different issues in life like sickness, professional struggle, relationship issues and much more. This book gives an elaborate overview to these areas and helps you understand how you can recover from all your hassles and accomplish your goals without over stressing yourself. It is all about feeling happy from inside, appreciating all that you have received and thinking about the things that you exactly want.

‘The Secret’, the book was published in the year 2006. The book saw a sale of 19 million copies by 2007. It was popular and the film made on the book crossed $300 million. The book helped people in changing their lives and bringing 180 degrees’ changes in their environment.

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