The story behind my writings and my book

Brief introduction about myself:

I have been writing since the age of 16 and I wish to excel as a well-known writer in the country someday. Raised in north India, I have traveled to several places across the country. I love to find out unique things, research, click pictures, listen to music and write. Authoring “The Bobby Pins and Other Short stories” happened like a magic wand. 

I am professionally a writer with approximately seven years of work experience in areas like SEO, digital marketing, corporate communication etc. Currently, I am serving as lead content writer for an IT company in Noida and I have been a part of the marketing and communications vertical for more than six years. I hold Master's degree in Communication Studies from Madras Christian College, Chennai and my area of interest involves writing for people, culture, food, fashion, travel, relationships and similar areas in lifestyle segment. Apart from regular work, I have been an active blogger since 7 years on areas like people, culture, food, fashion, travel, relationships etc.

My process of writing

I get deeply affected by events that happen around me and I strongly feel the urge to write about them. Initially, I just wrote blogs but with the passing time, I started weaving stories around them. This happened because I love observing people and quickly create characters keeping them in mind. Thus, “The Bobby Pins and Other Short stories” happened.

This is a compilation of 13 stories that reflects various day-to- day issues that take place around us, which we often ignore. Each of the thirteen stories in this book has a certain message. ‘Those Widows of Shivoham’, for instance, highlights the plight of forlorn widows, perennially clad in white, and their love for the festival of colors, Holi. ‘Destiny’s Wit’ showcases a laborer’s struggle to keep his ailing child alive. The stories revolve around hit-and- run accidents, aftermath of floods, social media addiction feral children, animals, ignorance in society and the betrayal of trust, all issues that we see reflected around us. The characters have been constructed such that they seem real and relatable.

Obstacles: I get diverted now and then and that is nothing new for writers. What is important here is how you resume back to your writing and keep your determination alive. One should have his goal absolutely fixed. There have been times when there were be too many people around me, TV running at its full swing, mind deciding to get blocked rather choked, beautiful lines developing in the middle of traffic when I don’t have any resource to write down and much more.

I never cease to visualize my story and characters. It is important to see your characters floating in front of you and behaving the way you have penned them down.

What keeps me motivated: My goal to reach out to the maximum audience and letting them understand things from the scratch helps me to do so. I want to develop a seed of empathy in each one of us. My stories revolve around events that happen around us and they raise questions on our basic morals. I am confident; my work will be liked by people.


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